Webseite Smart Host GmbH

Salary 45.000 – 75.000 EUR per year


– You are proficient in Javascript, ReactJS.
You have a firm understanding of State management and the different ways to apply state management techniques.
You are proficient at building UI components from designs given
You have an understanding of related technologies, e.g. CSS-in-JS, Jest, Storybook, MonoRepos.
You love keeping the codebase simple and easy to understand, knowing when it’s the right time to refactor.
You understand how browsers work, and how to debug client-side code efficiently.
You care about code quality.
You don’t follow hypes blindly, but choose the right tool for the job. You dig deep to find the root cause of any problem before shifting responsibility.
You constantly cultivate your professional knowledge.


– You will develop reusable client-side components to build our client-side web app
You will be responsible for your code from design to deployment
You will optimize the front-end code for resiliency, speed, memory consumption, and size, so to deliver the best possible user experience
You will cooperate with Backend Engineers to create the most efficient API, and with designers to build a flawless UX and a good-looking UI
You will solve occurring challenges on the way to making our customers happy
You will fight emerging complexity in the code by rethinking things from the beginning


– JavaScript
– React
– Webpack
– D3
– TypeScript
– NodeJS


Smart Host is a B2B SaaS platform in the hospitality industry. We empower hotels to put their own data to work. We collect, clean and enrich guest data from both internal and external data sources. All of this combined with data analysis takes guest communication and marketing efforts to a new level. Our typical clients are not necessarily tech savvy, so it’s on us to skyrocket them into the digital marketing age, by simplifying the experience to the maximum through great usability.

We are an early stage company run by experienced entrepreneurs – this is your chance to shape our product. We believe in user research, data driven product development and simple UIs allowing complex interactions. If you do too, we are a match. As senior Back-end engineer you’ll be part of an amazing team responsible for our hospitality software solution.

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