Webseite SECLOUS GmbH

Salary 50.000 – 80.000 EUR per year


– If (you != NULL) {
switch(youDo) {
case “Standard, common, predictable jobs are not your preferred choice?”:
case “Programming is your passion and you already started in your early days?”:
case “You are fascinated by handcrafting unique solutions by yourself, to solve daily issues?”:
case “You are actively applying hacking techniques and cryptography?”:
case “You are a “real” programmer and not a script kiddie?”:
case “You do understand how a computer functions? Not by watching YouTube videos, but because you have been engaged with hardware, operating systems and low-level programming (preferable in C)?”:
case “Being involved in something totally new doesn’t scare you, even this means that you have to learn a lot of things from scratch?”:
case “Data protection, privacy and control are bothering you, and you want to change something?”:
seclousTeam.add(new Employee(you));


– Depending on your capabilities and interest, you will either be involved in the development and extension of our core Non-Visible-Data (NVD) technology, which requires a profound knowledge of C/C++/C# and security / data protection technologies and algorithms, as well as out-of-the-box thinking (as we spend a lot of our time with R&D activities). An object-oriented mindset is definitely of help to structure and master the challenges in this area.
You could also become a member of our product development team, which leverages NVD technology to develop new or enhanced products combining ease of use and highest security and protection for our customers.
In either area you will be involved in latest technologies and a highly motivated team, I which everyone is responsible in achieving the best possible results.


– Fullstack
– .NET Core
– .NET Framework
– C#
– C++
– Cloud
– Confluence
– Docker
– Git
– GitLab
– IoT
– Security
– Visual Studio


The SECLOUS team is focusing on changing the way we handle our data today and especially in the future. Comparable to innovations like the blockchain, we are inventing and developing truly unique solutions which bridge between the freedom of data (ease of use, freedom of data location, autonomous and continuous data protection) and data control (true revocation of shared data, anonymous data transfer and storage, no meta information).

We ensure that everyone re-gains control of his data!

So, if you actively want to ensure that our future will be brighter, more secure and less externally determined, just send us your application and CV to become part of our team in Munich!

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