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Salary 35.000 – 65.000 EUR per year


– Responsibilities
– You conceptualize and execute the architecture of a platform targeting creators and consumers
– You implement a variety of gameplay mechanics and client/server components
– You optimize performance for playback focused on mobile devices (iOS, Android, AR Glasses)
– You set up inhouse pipelines to boost output in code, artwork and QA
– You review pull requests & contribute to the growth of the team
– You work closely and communicate openly with engineers, designers and management team
– You proactively train yourself to remain at the forefront of augmented reality development
– You lead a developer team and/or mentoring developers
– You build something that people really want.


– Job Benefits
You’ll receive a mix of salary and considerable equity stake in the company.

Next Steps
Please apply here or to jobs@zaubar.com including CV and projects you shipped.


– Unity
– C#
– iOS
– Android


This goes out to everyone who wants to push things forward.

At ZAUBAR we’re inventing a new kind of tour – immersive explorations powered by augmented reality that are social, fun and educating.

Right now, we’re partnering with some of Germany’s most interesting cultural institutions, media houses, tour operators and brands to make immersive tours a reality.

Soon, we’re enabling anyone to create, distribute & monetize immersive tours.

The founders and team have a deep backgrounds in AI, 3D UI and journalism.

We are looking for seasoned game developer with experience shipping multiple Unity games or interactive apps.

You enjoy solving complex device and game platform problems where you can exercise your practical technical knowledge. You also effectively collaborate with others to provide technical expertise on identified issues.

As a small team where the code you write gets deployed fast, you’ll be responsible for development, testing, and code quality. This role requires a high level of ownership over the product code and working closely with the team building it as their lead. You’ll also be working with the creative and product teams to plan new features and prioritize problems and opportunities.

In order to set you up for success, we provide everything you need within our dynamic and employee centric company structure.

Full responsibility and ownership of your work – you’re making time travel possible!

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